The Cheerful Messenger


Carol Ann draws you into the story and you feel as though you were there at the time. She does an excellent portrayal of Mary and I felt I understood her role for the first time. - Lynda from Ft. Erie, Canada

The Cheerful Messenger brings delightful messages that are uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. -Sandra from Amherst, NY

Carol Ann does a beautiful job of making you feel as though you are part of the story. She keeps your attention and opens new dimensions in ones' understanding of the Bible story. -Annette from Kenmore, NY

Your message really made the shower extra special. It was a nice touch and really resonated with all of the mothers. - Jennifer from N. Tonawanda, NY

Your cheerful message was wonderful and touching and was enjoyed by me and all of our guests. - Marnie from Amherst, NY

I've never heard it said like that. - Ray a resident from a nursing facility.

I've had the pleasure of hearing several stories. Whether humorous and light-hearted or moving and reflective, Carol Ann has the ability to capture in an audience's attention and deliver a timeless message. Her Biblical storytelling and messages are insightful and reflect her discipline and devotion to the Biblical text. She is able to communicate nuggests of profound advice in a light-hearted approach. - Colleen, Kenmore, NY


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