The Cheerful Messenger

Programs can be designed for your interests.

Women's groups: Women are ministered to as they hear and see the Good News through the lives of Biblical women.

Retreats: Practice the spiritual discipline of meditation through Bible stories. 

Cheerful and Pastoral Visits to shut-ins: You're loved one will receive a personalized visit to nurture socialization and spirituality. 

Fitness Programs: Ecourages and motivates one to be the best they can be for their Creator. Learn, develop and pursue fitness goals with joy!

Personal Training: Personalized instruction in your fitness journey.

Children's events: Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me". Children will learn about Noah through the eyes of Georgette Giraffe; the story of Easter comes alive with a rock and an egg; stories of adoption. They will learn to look for God's kingdom 1st! 

Bridal and Baby Showers: Encouraging and humerous messages are given to brides and/or new mothers.

Speaker: Motivational speaker for your event.



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